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Answer the burning questions that people really ask!

Simply, quickly, with amazing detail and accuracy. Horary Astrology* is the art, science, and craft of answering specific questions using charts cast for the moment of inquiry. No need for a birth date or birth time to be able to answer a great many questions that make up our daily lives. Questions that can't be answered by the birth chart.  Such as:

    • Your lovers true feelings for you
    • If a particular person would be a good business partner
    • If prospective employee will be trustworthy (or will talk too much!)
    • If your dog will come home
    • If your investment will pay off
    • If you'll get hired, fired, or promoted
    • If a co-worker is talking about you behind your back

    *I'm talking about traditional Western Horary astrology here, not Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, horary astrology is called Prashna. I do use Vedic astrology for natal birth chart astrology, but I don't practice or teach Prashna. At least not yet!

    Registration Now Open! Online Course Begins September 6, 2017.

    Grab Your Spot Now, See the Two Options Available Below!

    How & Why I Became A Horary Astrologer

    For years I was happy with my modern psychologically-oriented astrology. I had been a psychology major in college and the combination of psychology and astrology was heaven to me. It helped my first marriage in a way that marriage counseling didn’t and I was deeply impressed by that.

    It wasn’t until I decided to do readings for people professionally (though I still had a day job) that I realized that I couldn’t answer most of the questions people were asking.

    I was very surprised and disappointed that self-knowledge and understanding wasn’t always the main motivation for seeking an astrological consultation. Clients often wanted to know things that could not be found in the birth chart, questions like:

    • Will the guy I went on a date with last night call me again?
    • Will we get married and be happy?
    • Will I get fired from my job?
    • Would surgery help my dog?
    • Will she leave her husband to be with me?

    I was so discouraged that I quit astrology. For about two whole months. Something drew me back and while browsing in a metaphysical book store a book beamed at me like a beacon of light from its shelf. It was John Frawley’s book The Real Astrology.

    Right on the back cover it said that with Horary astrology I could answer all of the  everyday questions people wanted answers to!

    As soon I devoured that book, I read John’s The Real Astrology Applied, and then his book  The Horary Textbook. I read the textbook several times, but found I still needed guidance and I had a lot of questions about how to practice Horary astrology. I couldn’t afford John’s tuition so he recommended that I study with Branka Stamenkovic, one of his best students.

    Branka had a two-year email Horary Astrology course for $500 back in 2006. I learned much from her and I’m grateful she was available to teach me. Learning Horary with her helped increase my confidence as an astrologer to such an extent that I decided I would become a full-time professional, which I did in 2011.

    I’ve been using Horary as well as Vedic techniques for natal astrology in my practice ever since. I use Horary nearly every day, not only for my clients, but for myself, my family and my friends.

    Now I want to help you to learn Horary astrology too, but in a format that will be faster, easier, and with several forms of support from me, as well as from fellow students. Now, let's talk about what we will be doing in the Learn Horary Astrology course!

    Registration Now Open! Online Course Begins September 6, 2017.

    Grab Your Spot Now, See the Two Options Available Below!

    The Learn Horary Astrology: An In-Depth Study & Practice Course Details

    I asked Karen for help in locating a missing wallet and was astounded when it was found just 15 minutes later! Comparing the chart & her interpretations to the actual, told me she is tuned in and a Master of her craft!

    Teri Evans

    By the end of the first 12 Weeks of Lessons, you will be able to do simple Horary charts and some complex charts.

    By the end of two years of practice, more or less depending on your schedule, you will be able to do more complex Horary charts with confidence.

    Speaking of confidence, your confidence as an astrologer will dramatically increase because you know you can be of practical use to your clients.

    Furthermore, learning Horary astrology will not only make you better at doing any kind of astrology, but will prepare you to learn more complex natal techniques too.

    There will be a Members Forum where you will be able to develop community and support with your fellow students.

    When you can delineate a chart and make a correct event prediction before it happens, you will graduate, and you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion.

    There are 12 Modules with at least two lessons per module. Based on your feedback and requests, there will be other videos and materials made available to enhance your learning experience too. The 12 Modules will take 12 weeks to complete if you do everything in the lessons every week.

    At the end of 12 weeks, if you want to continue with the practice of Horary (highly recommended), then it will be by subscription ($29 a month) and you can unsubscribe anytime you like, or resubscribe any time you like. Unless you buy Option 2 (see below), then you won’t even have to think about it for two years and you get a discount too.

    Everyone on the monthly subscription service, can attend the Weekly Live Webinar Q & A sessions, or access the recordings in the members site.

    Even if you are already an experienced astrologer, you will be required to complete the beginning lessons as there will be information about astrology that you likely haven’t been taught before. Think of it like a game. When you learn a new game, you don’t argue with the rules, you just learn them and then later you find creative ways to use the rules. If you happen to already know all it, review of the basics is always a good thing!

    You can also be a complete beginner because we will go over the signs, planets, houses, aspects, speeds of the planets, characteristics of the signs and planets, and more. It’s often better to be a complete beginner when learning Horary as you don’t have to unlearn anything.

    You will take quizzes at the end of each lesson that you will need to pass before advancing on to the next lesson or module.

    The lessons will be in video form, but the quizzes will be in written form. The videos will be as short as possible, usually one concept per video. There will also be enhancements such as Cheat Sheets, Reference Sheets, Worksheets, and required reading.

    Once you are past the 30 Day Refund Period (read the Guarantee tab to learn more), you will have lifetime access to the videos and the weekly Q & A sessions.

    As mentioned above, there will be Weekly Q & A live webinar sessions to answer your questions and to do fun learning activities as well. As the course progresses, we will review your horary charts and do Horary chart autopsies when you get a chart judgement wrong (I have over the years and still do sometimes, which I’ll share with you too).

    Everyone will benefit from the weekly live sessions, whether it’s a simple chart or a more complex chart, and whether you are a beginner or an advanced astrologer.

    First Module – The planets and the signs. The outer planets and when they are used. The special uses of the Moon. The speeds of the planets. The various characteristics of the signs. You will get a Reference Sheet that will be very useful for the rest of the course and the rest of your life as a Horary practitioner. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Second Module – The houses, their meanings, turning the chart. Cusps and intercepted houses. House system used. Houses in order of strength. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Third Module – Aspects used in Horary astrology, and the aspects we don’t use. When planets are moving towards each other and moving away from each other. When planets are blocking each other, and when they are “translating light” to each other. Orbs. Retrograde planets and the various contexts they can represent. Void on Course Moon. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Fourth Module – The Table of Dignities. Dignity of the planets and reception, how they feel and think about each other. The various ways that dignity can be used, and what it can signify depending on the context. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Fifth Module – Other important points of Horary such as Antiscia and the various ways it can be used. The simple way to calculate the Antiscia of a planet. Arabian Parts, Fixed Stars (and book recommendations on the Fixed Stars) and Timing. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Sixth Module – All the relationships ruled by each house in the chart, and a focus on the 7th house. Questions about love and romance and the importance of the receptions between the relevant planets. Gay love questions. More on turning the chart. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Seventh Module – 7th house again. Open enemy situations, such as court cases (and money) contests, competitors for the same job, co-workers and other members of the club you belong to. Any old person, or someone who can’t be identified by the other houses. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Eighth Module – The money houses and the various types of charts about money including investments, income, moveable possessions, other people’s money, profit from property, treasure, mines, oil, minerals. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Ninth Module – Job and career questions. Business questions from business owners. Real estate questions, buying, selling, renting, and flipping. Hiring employees, marketing in the business, etc. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Tenth Module – Medical questions and when to defer to an astrologer who specializes in medical questions. Disclaimers. Figuring out if a medicine, supplement or a food is good or bad for the querent. Surgery. Pregnancy, fertility, adoption, and death questions. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly). Book recommendations for further studies.

    Eleventh Module – The weather, truth or false information, witchcraft, lost objects, missing people and animals. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Twelfth Module – This is where you judge a chart and correctly predict what will happen before it happens. Demonstration of your skills. You can do this as many times as you need to in order to “graduate” from the main course. Required reading assignments (excerpts of John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook mostly).

    Weekly Live Q&A Webinars – This is where you can practice Horary and get feedback on your own charts from me and from fellow students. We will “make up” horary charts to practice and to have fun. There will be one a week during the 12-Week course, then you can subscribe to a month-to-month subscription to continue with practice and you’ll have lifetime access to the course and the weekly webinars.

    We will discuss issues that come up when practicing horary in the world such as how to handle clients that are mentally ill or are unhappy with your judgment.

    Giving counsel, what to say and what not to say. How to recognize when it is best to decline doing a horary chart for someone.

    Keeping records and doing research.

    Spiritual practice and the spiritual path of practicing astrology.

    Specializing in a particular kind of Horary such as medical, relationship, business, missing people, etc.

    For this part of the course you can stay as long as you like, and you can unsubscribe, or resubscribe, any time you like.

    Some of the course is self-study (watching the videos and the reading assignments), but I’ve provided extra support in several ways:

    Cheat sheets, reference sheets, worksheets, quizzes, extra materials for more complex topics, and if you ask for something I haven’t already provided, then there will be bonus materials based on your requests.

    You will be my Founding Members because this is the first time I’m teaching this in a formal way, and your feedback will help me make this course even better.

    Weekly live Q & A webinars where you can ask me anything about the course or the practice of Horary, including strange questions and unusual circumstances (I have a few to share with you too). We will discuss ethics of practice, and why it’s good when a querent completely ignores your advice.

    You can email me if you’re having a problem with something, if you want to ask for something additional not already provided in the course, or just to comment on the lessons. If you have an extra sensitive confidential chart that you can’t share with the group, you can email me.

    There will be a Members Only Forum where you can talk to each other and share your Horary charts. By the end of the course and the two years of practice (some of you will be ready faster, some of you will take longer), you will have colleagues that you can contact and discuss charts with, you won’t have to just rely on me and my availability. I will be active in the forum as well.

    PLEASE GET PERMISSION from your clients, family and friends to share their Horary question charts with the group for learning purposes. Keep their real names out of it and anything that would identify them (some of you may get famous clients). More on this in the Terms and Conditions part of the course.

    If you do all the lessons, show up for the live weekly Q&A sessions (or listen to the recordings when you can’t show up live), pass the quizzes, and practice a lot, you will be a confident Horary Practitioner with a high enough rate of accuracy that you will want to do charts for everyone, and even do it professionally.

    If for some reason you can’t do the lessons, or you are simply having a hard time with it, you have 30 days after the course begins (September 6, 2017) to ask for a refund.

    If you let me know that you are having problems or frustrations with the material, I may be able to take care of it for you and then you may not want a refund anymore. But if you still do, I’ll promptly refund you your money.

    Of course, if I give you a refund, you will no longer have access to the course materials or the Members Forum, though you may re-enroll again at a future date. NOTE that the price for the course will be higher the next time it’s offered than it is now.

    Who This Course is For:

    This course is for astrology students, professional astrologers, counselors, therapists, doctors, real estate investors, social workers, investigators, or anyone in the healing arts. People from all walks of life and professional backgrounds can learn Horary, if they are sincere and willing to work a bit harder than usual (it's fun work).

    If you are devoted to astrology, if you have the courage to make predictions (you have to be okay with being wrong, it's the only way to learn), if you have humility, and are willing to practice, this course is for you.

    Who It Is Not For:

    Anyone who thinks they can make up their own rules and "intuitively" figure out what the chart is saying.

    Intuition is important in the practice of Horary, but the techniques leading to accurate judgment of the chart are not intuitive, they are objective, as Horary astrology is a divine science as much as it is an art.

    People who are super busy, you won't have the time to gain in skill, you will need to give a couple of hours a week to this.

    People who can't handle being wrong, you will be wrong a lot when you're learning, but that will change!

    The first five people to enroll in the course will get a free birth chart consultation with me. In this reading, we will focus on you being an astrologer. What kind of astrologer (counseling, research, writing, teaching, speaking, or some combination of these), what your strengths are, your weaknesses and what to do about them, what your clients will be like, what your students will be like, where to market to your clients, and timing on all of the above. I will use Horary in the natal consultation as well, depending on the questions that come up during our conversation. You'll get a recording and a copy of the charts used.    Valued at $267.

    Registration Now Open! Online Course Begins September 6, 2017.

    Grab Your Spot Now, See the Two Options Available Below!